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Start Up production of the Fuel Cell

To Bring the Fuel Cell in production needs € 200.000.  

The realisation of this investment can be done in two ways (or in combination):

1.  By buying a Fuel Cell Unit. There has to be done a down payment of 10 %.

If there are not enough units sold on the 1st of January 2017 the project will be cancelled and everybody gets their money back.in January 2017.

Yes, I want to buy a fuell Cell.

2. Invest in the Fuel Cell.

In the cost price of the Fuel Cell unit there is an amount of € 25,- for R&D. This will be disposable for the investor.

The investor will get 130 % of the investment back.

At the start the production capacity is 500 units per month. ( € 25*500 = € 12.500 available for the investor)

If the total investment is € 200.000, then every investor has an  investment duration of 20,1 months.

Production can however be tripled without significant extra costs. The the investment duration is only 7 months.

Sales can however also be very slow, then the investment duration will be longer.

If for any reason production can’t be started by the first of January 2017, then the investor gets 100% back.

Investments can be done from € 100

Yes I want to invest