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What is a Power Plant?

A Power Plant consists one or more Fuel Cells in combination with an inverter. A Solar plant is also a  Power Plant, but produces electricity only when there is enough light.

Fuel Cells

Produce electricity by a  chemical reaction De Ekolektro Fuel Cells are based on a more then  100 years old design: The Chalk Battery. . (more info: www.ekolektro.nl of www.youtube.com  search for "Kalkbatterie“)

In our laboratory we tested this concept
thoroughly  and improved it.   We managed to increase the power per cell to  tot 1 mW.

Then we made the cells smaller and concluded that this doesn’t effect the power produced.  .

Each Fuel Cell Unit  consists over 200.000 cells in order to produce 200W, every hour of the day, for years. 100 years ago they found that the cells were still producing electricity after 20 years.

Fuel Cells use water

To keep productive going it important that there is sufficient water, so you have to water them.

In our laboratory we tested also the effect of drying out. We have concluded that the cells will come alive as soon as water is present again.

(use preferably distilled Water without CL, Fluor, etc. )