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Ekolektro presents the Fuel Cell

Since considerable time we are working on an idea of more then 100 years old Then they made the discovery that when you bring two metals together in a binding substance, they start producing electricity instantly. Tests with cells of several cubic cm were performed and worked still after 20 years. These cells were however too large to be practical used.

We made the cells smaller to a few mm3

Tests were performed and gave results as expected. Each month the cells became smaller without any effect in performance. We even made it possible to regulate the output.

What is the Ekolektro Fuel Cell?

In fact we have to speak about a unit of cells. Each unit consists over 200.000 cells with a performance of max. 200 W per unit.
In fact it is the same way a solar panel is build up with a lot of tiny solar cells. The first solar cells had a format of 2 cm2 and became also during time smaller.
We did the same with the fuel cells, made them smaller.

What is the difference with a solar panel?

A soalr panel produces electricity when there light on it. The fuel cell produces 24/7 electricity.

That is why the Fuel Cell produces  10 times more  electricity then a solar  panel

Foreground (artist impression) Ekolektro Fuel Cell of 200 W with behind it a Solar panel of 200 W

The Fuel Cell fits everywhere

How does the Ekolektro Fuel Cell work?

Fuell Cell more How it works